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Secure, stable communication and collaboration services to ensure your business operates effectively.


Modern business is entirely reliant on secure, stable communications and data collaboration to operate effectively. If there is one takeaway from the impact of Covid-19, it is that all of your people need equitable access to be able to securely communicate and collaborate regardless of location or device.

In order to address this critical business need, Dudobi has auditioned a number of cloud communications and collaboration tools in order to identify the most user friendly, cost-effective and that are most applicable to current times.

We aim to deliver the following:

  • A reliable and flexible communications platform
  • A secure email messaging system that is comprehensively protected from phishing, spam and viruses
  • A set of industry-leading collaboration tools which are feature-rich and easy to use

Microsoft 365 with Kaspersky

The Microsoft 365 email system is more versatile and flexible than the competition and when coupled with Kaspersky’s cloud security solution is more secure.

File Sharing & collaboration

Dropbox allows your team to collaborate on the move, share data securely and have files synching automatically across devices.

VoIP Services

Our cloud telephony and VoIP solutions connect multiple devices and remote workers, providing unlimited calling and virtual receptionists.

Internet Connectivity

We provide secure, speedy and cost-effective internet options for your hybrid workforce whether they are in the office, at home or on the go.

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