Infrastructure Management

This service covers the end-to-end physical and virtual appliances that keep your business or organisation running smoothly.

Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management service provides our clients with a comprehensive approach to managing IT operations, networking and security functions. These often ignored functions are critical to the smooth operation of your business and cover areas such as: asset, change and capacity management; hardware, software and storage; network quality and availability management; and security service management.

The seamless service that Dudobi provides is either as a fully outsourced solution or depending upon your exact requirements, can be provided as a bespoke service.

We aim to achieve the following:

  • Agile processes and streamlined staff operations creating work efficiencies
  • Improved response times to changes in operations, disasters, and other disruptive conditions.
  • Reduced financial costs from automation and better capacity planning.

Enterprise Operations Team

Our dedicated Enterprise Operations Team focuses on larger and more complex cloud projects that require multi-disciplinary skills in these key areas: application development, database administration, and network and security management.

Infrastructure Security Services

A crucial part of any cloud strategy assures data security, protecting data in transit and at rest. Our security team’s focus is on ensuring that your digital data privacy is maintained.

Co-managed Infrastructure Support

As part of our cloud management approach, our co-managed services act as an extension to your existing staff, increasing their capacity and the productivity of your IT department.

DevOps Support

Dudobi supports your development team by enabling them to work across the entire application lifecycle, boosting productivity and improving results.

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